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Christmas doesn't have to be the busiest time of the year. 

You don't have to secretly dread Christmas. I know your calendar is busting at the seams. You've got more on your plate now then ever! You're buying gifts, hoping you have enough in your account to afford them. 

You're tired, overwhelmed, and stressed. 

What if you came into this season with a vision and a plan. In this course, you'll get the tools you need to help you get organized for the season. You'll know when to say yes or no to all the invites and obligations that come your way. Plus, you'll be able to spend what you want, and be able to stick to it. 

It's time to Craft Your Christmas to be something you truly are excited about, that's life-giving, and without debt!


This course is for you if...

  • You want to enjoy Christmas WITH your family.
  • You don't want to be stressed and last minute this year.
  • You secretly dread this season, because you're always on the go, you feel overwhelmed and pressured to make it perfect.
  • You don't want to go into debt this Christmas or have guilt when buying presents.
  • You want to be intentional this year with traditions, gifts, schedule, and more.
  • You don't want to feel like you need a vacation after Christmas is through.
  • You want to be intentional with giving gifts that line up with your values, their values, and what fits in your spending plan.
  • You're single, married, have kids or don't. We all have schedules, spending, and families to balance.
  • What you get when you purchase
    Craft Your Christmas…

    Lifetime Access

    Lifetime Access to videos, worksheets, checklists, activities (and more) to help you with each Christmas for the rest of your life. Plus, all updates are FREE to you!


    Vision for the holiday season that is full of joy, not stress. It’s time for YOU to enjoy Christmas too (not just your kids)!

    A Plan

    A proactive plan so you don’t overspend this season. Say goodbye to holiday guilt and debt!


    The Christmas Checklist will help you prioritize what really matters, so everyone enjoys the holiday season.


    The Christmas Traditions Worksheet will help you get intentional with the traditions you want to have this holiday season.

    Spending Plan

    Create a Christmas Spending Plan that lines up with your values. Includes tools to help you stick to it.

    Gift Ideas

    Get guilt-free gift ideas for everyone on your list, no matter what your budget is this year.  

    Online Community

    Online community to collaborate with others and make your Christmas season one you love.

    Not sure you can do this? 
    I've got a story for you...

    Christmas is a challenging season to navigate. You've got different sides of the family and your own traditions to continue. 

    I remember early on in our marriage how challenging holidays were. How would we be able to divide our time and create traditions of our own? Then we had kids, and the challenge just grew.

    We wanted to create new traditions, but we already felt over committed to everything we already were doing. I wanted Christmas to be 'perfect,' but I wasn't enjoying the process.

    Something needed to change, but what?

    Craft Your Christmas was born out of this dilemma I was living. And I noticed that this was totally normal. All the other moms I knew were in the same boat. They were exhausted all Christmas season.

    I started to create the Craft Your Christmas process from my own experience, reading countless books, and researching a better way.

    My husband and I created a vision and plan for our holidays that we could both be on board with. 

    I started saying no, and created healthier boundaries for my family's time, energy level, and budget.

    As a family, we began prioritizing what we love most in the Christmas season. We started to say yes to all the things we should have in the first place.

    I created Craft Your Christmas to help you take the fast track to live into this Christmas season without feeling depleted, stressed, and broke. 

    My hope is that this course changes not just your Christmas for the better, but for your whole family for years to come. 

    So... are you in?

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